How to Enjoy Low Sugar Desserts

People who want to keep healthy and in good weight would skip dessert from every meal because they don’t want to get fat. But there is a solution, low sugar desserts that sweeten your mouth without adding up calories. The dessert is usually a favorite part of a course but you need a little planning to enjoy it completely and achieve your goal of getting a low sugar dessert.

You can get a low sugar dessert from a cup of plain yogurt which is very low in fat, added with slices of mangoes, pineapple and honey. This is a low-calorie dessert at about 200 calories only but high in nutrients like fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates.

enjoy your low fat dessert

Tips When Eating Low Sugar Desserts:

  • Decide on your target daily caloric intake; it will help you choose what kinds of desserts to eat.
  • It you have a low calorie meal; you can have a heavier dessert. But if your meal is high in calories, then you must settle for low sugar desserts like fruit salad.
  • It is best to keep a record of your meals consumed along with their calories to maintain your calorie intake in the proper level.

People can enjoy desserts even when dieting by just switching to low sugar desserts. With some simple tricks you can have fun by creating low sugar desserts and really enjoy the experience and the product of your own imagination. These desserts are low in calorie because they contain less sugar, less fat and less carbohydrates.

There are so many fresh fruits which you should prefer including apples, water melons, strawberries and pears; these are low calorie fruits that don’t cause any problems in reducing weight. Watch out when getting fat free deserts; they often contain a lot of sugar. Read the labels on nutrients information before buying them. The key is moderation; you can only indulge on delicious low sugar desserts.

Why eating low sugar desserts?

Why Eat Low Sugar Desserts?

Everyone should be eating low sugar desserts to prevent certain diseases like diabetes. People with diabetes cannot use the sugar for energy instead it floats in the blood that’s why they have high sugar level in their blood. Eating less sugar and less fat along with regular exercise can lower the risk of having high levels of blood sugar.

It is allowable to eat a small treat of sweets after a meal. Remember that small is better; if you eat less of sweet foods, you take low sugar. You must also use less sugar when cooking but still enjoy the taste of low sugar desserts. Check and learn which foods have lots of sugar and eat less; prepare foods using less sugar and make low sugar choices when you eat away from home.

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