Sale of an apartment with a loan

Do you need to sell a flat with a mortgage? Are you thinking about how to do this? There is no doubt that credit is a big downside, although you have to highlight something – an obstacle is not the same as an obstacle.

A good example is an answer to the question, who must find out about the desire to sell an apartment? It is possible that the answer may cause some difficulties. As for the facts, bank approval is required (of course, you must also complete certain formalities).

Sale of an apartment

Sale of an apartment

Whatever the situation, the situation is complicated (you can not freely dispose of the apartment, but this does not exclude the sale). It is definitely worth emphasizing that the bank secures itself with an entry in the land and mortgage register – an entry in the land and mortgage register is nothing but the protection of interests.

In summary, the owner of the apartment is the person who bought the apartment (in general, the circumstances do not matter).

Perhaps the question arose whether the tax office must find out about the desire to sell the apartment? The tax office does not have to find out about the desire to sell an apartment, but it is necessary to pay PCC tax – PCC tax is a tax on civil law transactions.
However, it is not your responsibility to pay this tax (payment of civil law tax is an obligation that buyers must remember).

We offer the apartment with a loan

We offer the apartment with a loan

There is no denying that selling an apartment with a loan is not only formalities but also difficulties in finding interested parties. Needless to say, an apartment with a loan is not an attractive proposition.

Of course, you should not conceal mortgage information. In short, it’s about honesty.
Anyway, look at the instructions for selling an apartment with a loan.

Here are the points to follow:

  1. Posting an announcement,
  2. Waiting for the buyer,
  3. Receipt of promise (mortgage removed) and certificate (loan amount),
  4. Mortgage transfer,
  5. Visit a notary public (both parties) to write a contract for the sale of an apartment (a notarial deed is required),
  6. Applying in court for introducing changes to the land and mortgage register – a notary’s task,
  7. Transfer of the loan equivalent to your bank account, the rest to your account – the task of the bank of the person concerned,
  8. Withdrawal of consent to release the mortgage and transfer of consent to the new owner / new owner.

Is the instruction clear?

What to remember


If there are still doubts, the best solution is to go to the bank. If something is incomprehensible, problems are not difficult (and if there are problems, it is possible that you will have to pay for these problems).

It can also be added that it is possible to get a foreign currency loan. Anyway, let’s assume that there was a loan in francs – what happens in this situation?

Simply simplifying, the bank will recalculate your debt – as to the details, there are two options – recalculating the debt at the current franc rate or making a repayment in a foreign currency.

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